I shall personalise my tipper - Storage

Storage adapted to the tools in a utility vehicle is essential. Each tool category should have storage intended for it. A rake is not stored where a hammer is stored. Storing tools efficiently in a truck makes it possible

    • To keep tools in good condition, protected from theft
    • To save time: everything is organised, each tool is in its place
    • To preserve the health of users of the truck. For example, picking up a spade without getting into the tipper makes it possible to save quite a lot of effort at the end of the day.

Here is some storage to build around your bodywork: 

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Polyurethane box equipped with 4 x 25 mm straps, 2 x 50 mm straps, J-hooks Winding system for straps Storage box - dimensions: w 200 mm x h 150 mm x d 210 mm – Box key locked To be...

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Shelves for locker behind the cab

Organise your locker behind the cab Shelf to be placed on the supports in the locker behind the cab Thickness 12 mm Possibility of one shelf in the 800 mm high locker, 2 shelves for the 1300 mm...

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Load stops

Set of 2 load stops Allowing the chocking and strapping of the load on the cab shield Easy, quick assembly and dismantling with a simple thumbwheel To be positioned as...

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Mat for toolbox or basket

Non-slip perforated mat Thickness 16 mm To be placed in the basket, at the bottom of the toolbox or on a shelf Natural rubber mat Black  Mat in 2...

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3-space tool holder

JPM tipper interior tool holder Store up to 3 tools (max. handle diameter: 40 mm) Tools accessible from the ground Protection of handles by a contact clip Tools held optimally by bungee cord No...

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