About us

Stronger Together

JPM is nothing on its own. The JPM community is very effective.

The JPM community is the union of three skills which interact, are complementary and the major aim of which is your welfare at work.

• JPM users, the inspiration for work tools
• JPM staff, creators of work tools
• JPM distributors, distributors of work tools

French industrial expertise

Since 1966, JPM staff have been creating and manufacturing robust, reliable and durable bodies, which are real work tools for those who use them.

When the users of vehicle bodies become the inspiration for their work tools

You are the person who understands your job. JPM is only the creator of your work tool Who is better than you to tell us how it is used. With you we consider how to create your future work tools: robust, guarantors of your health and safety, completely suitable for your job and meeting the environmental challenges.

Wrap your work tools in tranquillity

JPM distributors are true guardians of your work tools. They are part of your peace of mind at work by advising you, enriching and maintaining your JPM equipment on their premises or yours or even on your work site. And added to this:

• A body that can be customised and adapted at any time during its service life
• An e-commerce website offering JPM options and spare parts
• A third year of guarantee free-of-charge

The bodywork expertise for work tools suitable both for the world of today and tomorrow

Today JPM creates the work tools you will need tomorrow.
We carry out technology and regulatory watches so that your work tools are the most suitable for the constraints and opportunities of our world and that of the future.
And JPM makes its expertise available to you, such as the bodywork configurator which calculates the dimensions and payload for your body.