About us


JPM is No.1 in the French market for the 3.5 T tipper and the European No.2. Faced with meteoric growth: + 400% in 7 years, JPM has had to adapt its industrial tool to match.

JPM is a dynamic company where every Euro made is reinvested, allowing it to retain its independence. It remains the master of its own destiny and the company alone determines its future. This philosophy has made JPM a strong, enduring company. The proof is its growth which has lasted for more than 10 years (even in times of crisis).


The soundness of the JPM company resides in a team of 170 people who know and help each other, and adapt to the constraints that the market dictates. This robust unit is a mixture of know-how, expertise, complementarities and business intelligence. Each member of staff is conscious of having part of JPM’s destiny in his hands and adheres unreservedly to the corporate development plan. The cohesion and adaptability of JPM teams has been a major factor in the company’s success since 1966.


A company that wishes to be sustainable can only build on the reliability and longevity of the bodywork it designs. JPM remains loyal to its philosophy when developing its products, making robustness its number one priority. The reliability of each new product is tested to ensure its longevity.


With a fleet of 12 000 aluminium bodywork models JPM has a perspective and real expertise allowing it to design and manufacture resistant aluminium products. JPM has always believed in aluminium. Robustness, lightness, insensitivity to corrosion: these are all qualities making aluminium the ideal material for bodywork today and in the future.