What options are there for my tipper?

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What options are there for my tipper?

Bodywork options are not only there to “make it pretty” or “give you pleasure”. Choosing your options well transforms your tipper truck into a fully-fledged work tool, making gains in efficiency, practicality, ergonomics, safety, etc.

PERSONNALISE! The bodywork should be suitable for YOUR needs (and not the contrary).


You will have understood that in order to choose the right options, first of all you need to list all the activities for which the bodywork is used. Then you can work out which option will make your work easier. Here are some examples:

 ”I climb on the tipper often”

Need: Easy access to the tipper

Option(s): 3-step stepladder

”Sometimes I unload my tipper by hand but I also use the automatic tipping”

Need: a door with automatic unhooking but also a door that opens easily to take an item out of the tipper

Option: The universal door (automatic unhooking + 2-leaf door)


”I work with a spade, brush, etc.”

Need: storing tools with handles whilst having them within reach

Option: The tool holder fixed on the ladder rack


”On work sites, I need diesel for my mini-excavator”

Need: To avoid going backwards and forwards to the petrol station or the transport of cans of diesel. 

Option: A diesel tank with nozzle (stored in the locker)

réservoir à gasoil dans coffre jpm


 "All or part of my load is likely to fly away when I am on the road”

Need: to ensure the security of my load (caution, you are legally responsible for it)

Options: Extensible net, lashing rings


”Sometimes I couple a cement mixer, sometimes a trailer”  

Need: To avoid the adjustment of trailer drawbars

Option: TRIVA or a coupling with 2 coupling heights

attelage 2 hauteurs JPM triva tp


 ”I transport ladders, timber, things that are long”

Need: To put away long materials correctly in my tipper

Option: rear timber holder, long items are therefore fixed on the timber holder and ladder rack


”I often throw rubble into my tipper”

Need: to protect my truck's cab from possible projections

Option: A cap to be fitted on the ladder rack protecting the cab

”I often damage the top of my tipper’s sideboards”

Need: To protect the sideboards whilst keeping the aesthetics of my bodywork

Option: PVC sideboard protections


”I have many valuable tools to be stored”

Need: Completely safe storage

Option: Lockable locker between tipper and cab


”I have a bulky load” 

Need: Increased capacity

Options: Side, rear extensions


”I sometimes have to put a tractor mower in my tipper”

Need: Tipper access for rolling stock

Options: Loading ramps (there are folding ramps that can be stored in a locker at the back of the cab)

rampes d'accès pour benne JPM

 Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There is a plethora of options ready to enable you to save in practicality, time and money!