I shall personalise my tipper - RANGE 55


Platform bottom in steel S355 sheet thickness 3 mm
U-shaped side members in steel S355 thickness 4 mm and transverse spacers
Sideboards in steel S355, height 350 mm, thickness 2 mm, fold-down, removable, interchangeable (right/left, steel/aluminium)
2 x 2 sideboards from exterior length 4300 mm 
Integrated closing of sideboards
Front face steel S355, height 450 mm, thickness 2 mm 
Cab protection in galvanised steel, grille (section 4 mm), removable
Rear door in steel S355, height 350 mm
Rubber opening stops on sideboards and rear door
Rear pillars in galvanised steel, thickness 3mm, removable, with 12 mm fixing bolt and straight fitting
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) wraparound mudguards with raw aluminium support
Authorised aluminium side protections black powder paint
Geomet treated bolts (5 times more resistant than standard galvanising)
Outer frame adapted to lashing
Seals between elements that are not continuously welded



DKP sheet + Phosphating degreasing + Shot blasting + 60 µm epoxy powder primer + 60 µm powder paint

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